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Pedal to the Metal

Service and repair for most makes and models.

Yearly service is important to the health of your machine.  Don't wait until it breaks down to decide it's time for service.  Every manufacturer recommends that you service your machine once a year.

There are many moving parts that need to be cleaned and oiled to keep your machine running at its best.  Routine service on your sewing machine is just like changing the oil in your car.

Here are a few reasons to bring your machine to us for service:

     1. Our technician has years of experience in mechanical repairs.
​     2. Free Estimates.

     3. Flat rate on routine service - $79 on most models.
     4. 90-day guarantee on all machine repairs $79 and up.
     5. Same day service available by appointment (+$30 and subject to parts               availability.)
When we service your machine, it involves a lot more than just cleaning and oiling.  Here is an example of the most common things we do on every machine:
     1. Check tension
     2. Check balance (proper stitch formation)
     3. Timing
     4. Feed dog height
     5. Check and remove burrs on needle plate, hook, and bobbin case
     6. Check motor belt and timing belt for signs of wear and proper tension
     7. Test sew your machine

Once your machine is serviced, it's covered by our 90-day service guarantee.  If there is any service-related problems within 90 days, bring your machine back in and we'll adjust it free of charge.


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